Scope of Hybrid of Long-Term Care Insurance With Long-Term Disability Insurance

A Hybrid insurance product is basically a combination of two insurance products which may include few featured of financial instrument, however not necessarily accessing the capital market. A variety of Hybrid products have been developed. Hybrid insurance plans have been primarily innovated by the insurance companies providing private long-term care insurance. This is one of … Read more

Denying Health Insurance Based on Genetics is Unconstitutional

Hon’ble Justice Pratibha M Singh stated Can’t Exclude Genetic Disorders in Insurance Policy. High Court of Delhi on 26 February directed the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India to review the exclusion clauses in the insurance contracts. So that medical claims were not rejected on the basis of exclusions relating to “genetic disorders” like cardiac … Read more

Relation between Indemnity and Insurance whether insurance contracts are contracts of indemnity

Explained herein with Case laws the Relation between Indemnity and Insurance-whether insurance contracts are contracts of indemnity. According to section 124 of the Indian Contract Act, a contract of indemnity means, a contract by which one party promises to save the other from loss caused to him by the conduct of the promisor himself or … Read more

Medical Insurance For Mental Treatment: Legal Angle

The whole world is developing a slew of measures to cope up with COVID-19, India is not left untouched with the increasing number of cases day by day with rising death tolls. India as a country has encouraged mass production of PPE kits to achieve self-reliance with the imposition of stricter lockdown regulations in the … Read more

Article on Bury the Ghost of Ex-Post Taxation

In the Wealth of Nations’ published in 1776, Adam Smith postulated four canons of taxation; Equity, Certainty, Convenience and Efficiency. There is consensus regarding certainty since Smith’s postulation that taxes should not be arbitrary ,the taxpayers should know their tax liability, when and where to pay it. Retrospective tax legislation overtones this principle. Retrospective or … Read more

What is Forex Trading and the legal side of the same in India?

Starting from the root, we will begin with the discussion of which are the basic elements in Forex Trading that are mentioned in the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999. Regulation And Management Of Foreign Exchange As per the section 3 of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999, which discusses the don’ts of the rules or … Read more